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About Us

Our Approach

What makes our processes work better is that we customize courses and systems to match the needs of your establishment.

Did you know that without the proper training, nearly one-third of all perspective staff fail? Your staff play a huge impact in your profitability, and providing them with the proper training is critical.

The training is designed to give your staff the opportunity to develop the skills they need to become successful.

Meet the Team

We provide the southeast most sought after end to end solution for the food and beverage industry. From bench marking new technologies, internal controls, and retention management, we make it simple and we integrate it all. 

Julius Tolbert

Founder + CEO

Julius is the Founder + CEO of The Cornbread Consulting Firm. He takes on the daily role of Executive Restaurant Consultant. He has multiple businesses where he serves as restaurateur, event planner, philanthropist, and family man.

Julius has pioneered the work as a successful restaurant consultant, improving the operations of businesses ranging from small “Mom and Pop” to “Fortune 500” statuses.

Working with Julius will prove to be an empowering and positive experience, as told by his past clients. Connect with him and schedule a strategy session today to determine what solutions he can provide for you and your organization. 

Eric Teagan

Vice President

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Timothy Barrett


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Our story

About the brand

Cornbread Consulting Firm started out of the burning desire to equip small to medium size businesses with the tools the big brands use to increase profitability and market share. Our founder started in the restaurant business over 20 years ago serving in various roles up to Director of Operations.

During a recession he owned a full service restaurant that needed help navigating the troubled time and there were none in the market. He finally found one hour away but after further discussion they wanted a huge retainer he simply couldn’t afford. After having to close down that establishment, the founder went back to corporate America.

Not feeling satisfied in the role he remembered the time he owned his own restaurant and needed that consultant. In that moment, he decided to be that person and start that business. Cornbread Consulting Firm was born. 

Grow & Maintain A Better Restaurant

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